Great experience

Welcome to BurgA’nomix! We’re the place to go when you’re looking for amazing drinks, delicious burgers, and an extensive menu of high quality cakes and coffees – all in a fun, casual, accommodating setting. The restaurant is vegan and gluten friendly!

We want to thank our customers for coming to our restaurants in the best way we know how: by making sure that their experience here is the best it can possibly be. Come to BurgA’nomix and prepare to be amazed at the atmosphere, food, and drinks you can find here!

We believe the best burger is one which is custom made by hand from only the finest and freshest ingredients. Making them this way costs more and takes a little bit longer, but in one bite you will definitely feel the difference. The starting point for any great burger is the high-quality beef. At BurgA’nomix we use only the finest and tastiest beef. In the end, we season the fresh ground beef with a special secret mixture of spices, blended together gently by hand. We always make sure that we treat beef and patties with great care throughout the process, to guarantee perfect cooking for optimal juiciness. We grill each burger precisely to order.

BurgA’nomix isn’t just a restaurant….it’s an experience. If you haven’t eaten at BurgA’nomix, we invite you to come and give us a try.