Quality you can taste

At BurgA’nomix, from the first bite of your burger to your last fry, quality is the most important ingredient of all. We don’t pre-package. We don’t freeze. We don’t over-process. We are great because we just male things the old-fashioned way.

Our burgers begin with our patties. We make them from fresh, 100% pure beef. They are free of fillers, additives and preservatives of any kind. Since we only serve fries, burgers and drinks, making a high-quality hamburger party us everything for us. We individually inspect every chuck to make sure that it meets our standards. Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop here. Our lettuce is hand-leafed. We use the best available onions and the juiciest, plumpest tomatoes we can find and the great cheese is the real thing. All of our ingredients are fresh and tasty. We make every burger one at a time, cooked fresh to order.

Indubitably, a great burger deserves to be accompanied by great fries. BurgA’nomix’s fries come from the freshest, finest ingredients we can find. They’re individually cut and coked in 100% pure vegetable oil. Besides all this, our drinks are great. We believe that doing things the old-fashioned way is the freshest idea of all.