$25.00  for a bucket of 4 beers (selected beers only)


Light beer (Aus)

Coopers Pale Ale (Aus)

James Boags (Aus)

Hahn Super Dry (Aus)

Peroni (Rome, Italy)

Corona (Mexico City, Mexico)

Heineken (Netherlands, Dutch)

Stella Artois (Leuven, Belgium)


Budvar Lager 330ml (Czech Republic)

Hofbrau Original 330ml (Germany)

333 Lager 330ml (Vietnam)

Tailgate Black Top Blond Golden Ale can 355ml (Nashville, USA)

Tailgate IPA can 355ml (Nashville, USA)

4 pines brewing (NSW), Kolsch, Golden Ale, 330ml

Castello Lager (Italy)

San Miguel Pale Pilsner (Philippines)

Bia Hanoi (Vietnam)

Clenaskin Beer (Australia)

Zywiec (Poland)

Peroni (Italy)

Blue moon

Yenda Red Mid Ale

Yelda Golden Ale

Yelda hell Lager

Yenda Indian Pale

Yenda pale ale




Bottle $34.00 Glass $8.50


Woodside Parl 2014 Mascato (Adelaide Hills)

Zontes Footsteps Doctoressa Di Largo, Pinot Grigio (Adelaide Hills)

Woodside Park, Saugvignon Blanc (Adelaide Hills)

Haselgrove FC Sauvignon blanc

Fantini Pinot Grigio

Haselgrove FC Rose


Delamere Nissante, Pinot Noire (Tasmania)

D’Arenberg 2012 Footbolt, Shiraz (McLaren Vale)

Mr Riggs 2013 The Outpost, Cabernet (Coonawarra)

Fantini Sangiovese

Emeri Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay 200ml – $9.50

Emeri Sparkling Pink Mosacato 200ml – $9.50

Hot Beverages


Short black – $3.00 Cup/ N/A Mug

Cafe latte, Flat white, Cappuccino, Long Black, Macchiato, Chai Latte – vanilla or spice, Hot chocolate – $3.50 Cup/ $4.50 Mug


English breackfast, earl grey, peppermint, chamomile, green tea – $3.50 Cup/ $6.00


Extra Shot, Soy, Decafe $1

Syrup Flavours – Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel 0 $1

Hot Beverage Take Away 

Small (Boz) $3.50, Regular (12 oz) $4.50

Large (16oz)$5.50. Biggy (20 oz) $7.50

Cold Drinks

Cans, Cool Ridge 500ml $4.00

cool Ridge water 750ml. Smart water 600ml

Smart Water 500ml, Glass bottles 300ml, Spring Valley juices $4.50

Gatorade 600ml $4.50


Milk shakes $6.00

Thick shakes $7.00